Today the 7th of julyAnni1 2020,we congratulate Very . Rev. Fr. Dr johnbosco Ezehi ad he celebrates hi 24th year in priesthood. Father johnbosco whom everyone calls”Daddy”is a man of many features, he is not only a priest, daddy, he is also a teacher , mentor, great organizer, architect, writer, doctor, etc every good qualityyou can think of, he has blessed and inspired many lives.
Daddy, it is our prayer that on this day that God bless you and keep you in good health and perfect peace, and also bless you in ministry that at the end of time you will be able to say like saint Paul “i have fought the good fight of faith, i have ran the race, what awaits me is the crown of glory”.


At about 6pm, the celebrant Very. Rev. Fr. Dr johnbosco Ezehi hosted a little get-together party at the Holy Family Children’s Home were he is officiating asca priest. Some of the personalities that graced the event were Rev. Fr. Kelvin Oshio, Rev. Fr. Peter Udo, Rev. Fr. Rex Osajie. Amongst others were seminarians of All Saints major seminary, Uhiele-Ekpoma, Mrs magaret iseghohimen(mama victory), Dr onome, staff and children of Holy Family Children’s Home.

Miss Josephine unuane a staff also prayed that the celebrant, Very. Rev. Fr. Dr johnbosco Ezehi will grow in good health and perfect peace, and also grow spiritually in ministry.


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