Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Johnbosco Obeahon Ezehi is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Catholic CHESS (Children Home Education and Social Support) project.
The Catholic establishment is located in a serene environment in the commercial town of Uromi. The orphanage which is an arm of the project came into existence because of the rare determination of Rev. Fr. Dr. Johnbosco Obeahon Ezehi to eradicate the suffering of orphans in our society.
The orphanage which comprises children of various ages is a reflection of the milk of human kindness that flows in the vein of the founder. A first time visite to this great humanitarian establishment will definitely keep anyone in great suspense regarding how far some people can go in alleviating the burden of others. new-photo-of-jb
The orphanage does not only care for the emotional, education and social well-being of the children but also cares for their spiritual well-being. Apart from Orphanage, the amiable Rev. Fr. Johnbosco established a very large fishery. He also established the following projects for the benefit of the people; table water factory and musical studio where films and records are produced. Despite the capital intensive nature of this establishment, free lectures are given to children outside the orphanage. Also in the orphanage is a large library, church, bakery, poultry farm and recreation facilities.
According the founder of the orphanage, Rev Fr Johnbosco Ezehi, the decision to establish an orphanage was informed by his experience as the Director of Social Justice and Peace Development Commission of the Catholic Church in Benin City. As the Director, he received cases of children and babies abandoned in the streets, pits toiet, gutters, bushes, etc. This inhumane act and unfriendly treatment received by some children prompted the noble thought of establishing an orphanage. jb-joys-son2
When Esantv asked what are his challenges so far, Rev Fr. Johnbosco Ezehi stated that the fund to run the home as well as meeting the needs of the ever increasing rate of abandoned children are some of the major tasks. Also, integrity on the part of some members of the public who comes with fake identity and stories to get undue benefits or favour.
On the issues of high demand of development in  Esanland , Rev Fr. Johnbosco said the need for traditional rulers to stand up to their responsibilities and stop political partisanship in other to attract the needed development to Esanland. He also stated that the corporation and unity of Esan successful sons and daughters in business, politics  should be strong. “It is only through cooperation that we can achieve the much desired development to more people oriented.
Esantv asked what would he loved to be remembered for, he said “man cannot be remembered at all except for the number of lives touched or affected positively. Therefore  I want to be remembered for the number of people I affected positively. I want to help people always stated Rev Fr. Johnbosco Ezehi.
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President Esan youths movement.
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