Ex President Ibrahim Babangida presently lives in a 50-room mansion on hilltop in Minna

Ex president Abdulsalam Abubakar that ruled for less than ayear currently lives on hilltop in Minna built by Julius Berger.

Ex president Olusegun Obasanjo currently lives on hilltop mansion, complete with N7billionlibrary in Abeokuta.

Buhari’s modest three-bedroom bungalow is located a few metres off Daura Kwangolam road, next to the Daura Shagari Low Cost Housing Estate.

The building is almost nondescript thus attracting no attention.

And this is where ex governor of present 6 Northern States, ex petroleum minister,ex head of state, ex PTF chairman, current sitting President of Nigeria lives?

I thank God that PMB came in my life time.

Of the 10 aircrafts he met on the presidential fleet, 2 are about to be sold, 2 had been donated to our air force, while 2 are currently undergoing repairs.

Since he became president, his wife has been to Hajj and Umurah in SaudiArabia twice, to UK for daughter’s graduation, to US twice for invitational engagement, then to Europe recently.

In all her travels, she has never used any aircraft in the presidential fleet but, rather, commercial airlines.

Was it not in this same country that the wife of an ex president traveled with over 60 women just to shop in hong Kong, using one of the aircrafts on the presidential fleet?

Even if it remains me and my household, PMB will forever remain God-sent.

A sitting president who can give out his daughter in marriage, with less than 30 people in attendance, in his sparsely furnished apartment is a rare breed.

One day, in my old age, I hope to gather my kids and grand kids and tell them stories of PMB, the man that once ruled Nigeria with a spartan lifestyle.
You may share it if worthy to be.

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