#EDO2020 – Obaseki, Not Afraid Of Direct Primary, But Worried About The Consequences Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

…Edo people’s health, not to be sacrificed on the altar of political convenience

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has been in the forefront of the war on the novel COVID-19, the pandemic which is tearing apart the local and international communities remains one of man’s greatest enemies ever recorded, suffice to say that Edo shares very substantial experience of the disease, it is somewhat impossible to say that this pandemic will live us tomorrow, as scientists keeps vigil attempting to find a viable and globally accepted cure for the disease

Businesses have crumbled, institutions are shutdown, worship centres are at their lowest ebb, families are separated, torn apart as tears, pains and gnashing of teeth continue to be a daily occurrence in most communities; scores of lives have been taken as the disease continue to ridicule concerted efforts by governments, individuals and groups to eradicate it from our body polity

Whereas the deadly CORONAVIRUS has eaten deep in the fabric of human existence, the outbreak of the disease and Countrys’ inability to control its spread remains an unresolved puzzle

One can say however that some heads of government, despite dwindling financial fortunes occasioned by the disease, have exhibited will, sagacity, courage, determination, transparency and accountability in the fight against one of man’s greatest enemies (CORONAVIRUS)

Gov. Godwin Obaseki ranks amongst great leaders who have instituted viable policies and programmes to end COVID-19 in Edo State; the training of over 4000 health workers, establishment of screening centres across the length and breath of the State, creation of isolation centres in strategic locations, distribution of relief materials and palliatives to thousands of households and other measures aimed at eradicating the pandemic are factors that distinguishes Godwin Obaseki in the anti-COVID-19 war

However, Edo State still share significant place in the number of cases that daily erupts; hence the Obaseki-led administration’s determination to safeguard Edo people’s health cannot be sacrificed on the altar of political convenience

It is no longer news that Edo State heads towards a major election come September; the primary election preparatory the gubernatorial has been slated for June 22, whereas Edo APC exhibiting very high regards for the health of Edo people by adopting indirect primary election, some political elements on the hand, believe that a direct primary, assembling hundreds of thousands of party faithfuls amid COVID-19 is more appropriate

We cannot be seen jeopardizing our own war against CORONAVIRUS; Godwin Obaseki in three years has gained overwhelming popularity; direct or indirect primary, he stands tall, unmatched and undefeated by any aspirant across party lines

Whereas Godwin Obaseki stands victorious in a free, fair and credible direct or indirect primary, it will be illogical, inimical and a crass disregard for the well-being of Edo people for anyone to adopt and participate in a direct primary election, assembling hundreds of thousands of party members amid COVID-19, flouting the social distancing order for political convenience cannot be tolerated in this time of global pandemic

A vast majority of Edo people are determined to re-elect Godwin Obaseki considering his visionary leadership, the Governor however is not insensitive to current realities and so cannot risk putting the lives of Edo people in danger by engaging in a direct primary election in the face of a deadly disease

Consequently, we welcome Edo APC’s adoption of the indirect primary election for June 22, we commend their sagacity and regards for the well-being of Edo people, while urging other contestants to get set to participate in an indirect primary election that will assemble only a handful of delegates with strict adherence to precautionary measures aimed at preventing the disease from further spread

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